Ott-Lite True Color Lamps and Bulbs

Photobiologist and pioneer in light research, Dr. John Ott, discovered through 40 years of scientific research the remarkable effects specific wavelengths of natural light have on all living things. 

Dr. Ott developed the first OTT-LITE® product while filming "The Secrets of Life Series" for Walt Disney. A specially formulated blend of rare earth phosphors is used to create this unique illumination that looks and feels like natural daylight. TrueColor lighting allows details to be seen more clearly and colors accurately. Now it is possible to see with superior clarity without the intense heat, excessive glare and harsh distortion of standard lighting. 

TrueColor OTT-LITE Lighting Systems Make What You Love To Do Easier.

Bring true color, clarity and comfort into your environment with OTT-LITE Technology. If you thought a bright light and magnification made a difference, you'll be amazed at how a specially formulated, naturally balanced OTT-LITE lamp with low-heat and reduced glare illumination can make your art easier and more enjoyable. It's a difference you can really see and feel. Ott-Lite provide artists with an accurate tool for viewing colors in the studio. Using any of the Ott-Lite bulbs one can clearly see even the tiniest details, often without magni-fication.

Ott-Lite is a balanced glare-free lighting that eliminates eye strain caused by distorted lighting. Use Ott-Lite and you definitely will have a more comfortable working environment with bulbs that last for over 10,000 hours. Using Ott-Lite Technology will allow you to see details more clearly while reducing glare and eye strain. Low heat, energy efficient bulbs are long lasting and will not cast harsh shadows.
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