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The Space Bureau Taboret

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Storage room is always at a premium, no matter what you're looking to store. Now you can keep all your art supplies tidy and organized in any small area with the new Space Bureau! This beautifully manufactured chest was designed with the crowded Japanese environment in mind, and is specifically made to hold the maximum amount of materials in the smallest allotted space.

Unlike many other taborets or storage units, the Space Bureau is made primarily of strong ABS plastic, and is resistant to virtually everything, including acids, chemicals, corrosion, detergents, moisture, oils, and solvents. It is shock resistant and flame retardant and will stand up to just about anything! The durable, butcher block-style MDF wood top will take the heaviest loads and is excellent for spreading out your art supplies at easy reach, and is strong enough to even stack one unit on top of the other! The deep drawers are perfect for holding anything from paints and pads to food and clothes, and they glide easily on smooth drawer rails and can be taken out of the unit for greater versatility or ease of cleaning. Stop messing about in a cramped and cluttered space: let the Space Bureau storage unit solve all your organizational problems! WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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