Golden High Flow Acrylics

Golden High Flow Acrylics - High-fluidity, ink-link acrylic colors perfect for airbrush, illustration, mixed media and more! High Flow acrylics flow like ink and are non-clogging, but boast the same intense pigment load, high lightfast ratings and superior permanence as exhibited in Golden's other professional quality paint lines. High Flow acrylics can be used in refillable paint markers, technical pens, and airbrushes, but perform equally well with traditional brush work, pen and ink techniques, staining and washing, and even pouring directly from the bottle. The artistic possibilities are endless. Available in a wide range of 49 vibrant, intermixable colors, Golden High Flow acrylics work beautifully on almost any surface, including paper, raw or primed canvas, board, wood, fabric, and more. Whether doing technical drawings, airbrush art, calligraphy, graffiti, watercolor techniques, illustration, detailed or abstract art, new Golden High Flow acrylic colors can keep up with your every artistic move.
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