Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Mediums, Additives and Gessos

Gesso - Because a high quality painting begins with a high quality base, start your painting right with Artists' Acrylic Clear or White Gesso! Both offer excellent tooth for great paint adhesion, are fast drying and have a balanced absorbency. The White Gesso has a very high level of pigmentation for maximum opacity and covering power, meaning that 1 to 2 coats on unprimed canvas is all you need. The Clear Gesso is exactly that: clear, not milky like some other "clear" gessoes. It can be tinted with acrylics to add some color to your primer, or used alone to allow the qualities of your canvas or board to show through. It also makes a great ground for pastels or charcoal. Both non-yellowing, flexible gessoes are perfect primers for all your acrylic, oil and alkyd paintings!

Mediums and Additives - Of course acrylic paint straight from the tube can be beautiful, but why not spice it up and experiment with mediums and additives? Some are designed to assist with technical aspects like lengthening the drying time of paint, or increasing the flow. Others are intended as aesthetic qualifiers, adding or subtracting sheen, increasing transparency, or adding thickness and body. Mediums are what make acrylics among the most versatile paints out there: from delicate watercolor effects to near-sculptural impasto and everything in between, Artists' Acrylic Mediums and Additives will help you make your artistic vision a reality!

Varnishes - After all your hard work in creating your Artists' Acrylic paintings, you want them to last for generations! Professional artists know that varnishing your finished artwork is an indispensible final step in the creation process. Varnish serves to protect paintings from damage inflicted by dirt, grease, and airborne pollutants, and the UV protective agents in Artists' Acrylic Varnish also safeguard against color fading and improve lightfastness. In addition to being an excellent varnish for acrylic paintings, this UV protection means it is also a beneficial final varnish for non-lightfast works such as digital or giclée prints. Varnish is available in Gloss, Satin and Matt finishes, all of which can be intermixed for limitless customized variations on final sheen. A Varnish Remover is also available, to safely remove Artists' Acrylic varnish without damaging your painting, allowing you to clean any trapped pollutants before re-varnishing your work for maximum protection. Don't let time ravage the brilliance of your art: protect your paintings with Artists' Acrylic UV Varnishes!

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