Sennelier Dry Pigments and Binder Mediums

A wonderful line of transparent alizarin pigments are available, as well as true French Ultramarine as discovered by Guillemet in 1828. Modern pigments like phthalos, quinacridones, azos and toluidines are represented to provide the artist with high intensity pigments in unique colors, or as less expensive choices (hues) for more expensive cadmiums or toxic/fugitive pigments from antiquity. A complete selection of Mars pigments give the artist the option of very lightfast synthetic iron oxides as earth tones, offering much higher tinting strength than natural earth pigments. Sennelier makes what many artists consider to be the most opaque Titanium White on the market. Traditional but hard to find lead/chromate pigments are offered like true Flake White, Chrome Yellow and Green, and a true chromate based Emerald Green as found on the palettes of the Impressionists

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