Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colors and Sets

It takes generations of experience to make color like this! Using expertise in art and science unique to Winsor & Newton, every color is formulated individually. From the clarion tones of the Cadmiums to the sublime balance of the more contemporary Perylenes, each color is the perfect expression of the colorman's art. The balanced spectrum of 120 Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colors offers the greatest choice and flexibility ensuring that all artists can obtain the palette best suited for their work.

Getting perfection from each and every pigment is no simple matter. When milling oil color, each pigment must be treated and milled as an individual, with every surface on each particle fully enveloped by fine oil. It's that perfect dispersion that translates into the signature "feel" and the luminous reflection of light and color that make fine oil so irresistible. Even more important, the dispersion determines stability in the tube and is a key player in the ultimate stability of the color on the surface. Winsor & Newton researches, formulates, and mills each and every colour individually. The result is something that comes only with generations of experience and expertise in working with artists' color: the perfect dispersion.

  • 80 single pigment colors
  • Offers the greatest latitude in working properties
  • Ensures the cleanest and brightest mixing possible
  • 'Short' buttery consistency provides the most responsive feel beneath the brush and great versatility
  • Works perfectly for techniques from impasto to glazing
  • 99% of colors have a lightfast rating of AA or A providing permanence without compromising the choice of hue
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