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Masquepen Liquid Frisket Pen and Sets

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In Stock
Masquepen - 1 oz. Refill
Limited Qty
Masquepen - Super Nib
In Stock
Masquepen - Super Set
In Stock

Discovered by our friend David Ford in his travels to England, the Masquepen is an ingenious item that features a polyethylene bottle with a 1 oz reservoir bottle of high quality masking fluid and a .8 mm nylon nib. To apply, gently squeeze bottle and apply thin or thick lines, small dots, designs or large areas through its pen style hollow nib. No fiddling with applicators or throwing out brushes anymore. A stainless steel prong seals the nib when not in use—fluid never dries and there's no waste!

As a watercolor artist you simply can't find a better way to mask precise areas. The Masquepen actually allows you to explore whole new avenues of creativity that simply weren't fun before. Our staff rated this the Best New Watercolor Product in 2001 and a must have. Give it a try today!

  • Masquepen Artist Masking Fluid - This superb applicator bottle allows you to effortlessly apply a .88 mm line of masking fluid! Fluid won't stain your paper, lifts without marring surface, and is translucent when dry, which allows you to work over designs as well.
  • Masquepen Super Nib - Features an ultra-fine, all metal nib for getting the most precise lines and control, you can do anything! Fits over standard masquepen and is a breeze to use. Includes cleaning plunger, cotton swabs and cleaning bottle.
  • Masquepen Super Set - Includes Masquepen, Masquepen refill and Masquepen Super Nib. WBX.MARS v6.1.5205.30387
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