Art Spectrum Colourfix Pastel Paper and Boards

Colourfix is made of acid-free, archival watercolor paper or board, and features a lightfast acrylic primer with a coarse ground of pigment. These fine papers also contain a mixture of several types of silica that help to give them a fine tooth. This tooth grips the media like nothing else we've ever seen. Colourfix is available in sheets of 340g watercolor paper with color priming and a beautiful white border. The primer allows you to work in several layers with little to no fixing and allows the use of wet media such as oils, watercolors and acrylic colors for mixed media works. Colourfix primer is available separately and is the same primer used for priming the sheets. Use them to prime any paper or board, to cover unwanted passages, to "touch up" smudges, or for reverse painting effects. Primers may even be mixed to create unique hues. Clear Primer makes virtually any surface ready to receive pastels, even glass. It's also excellent for experimenting with new techniques, allowing you to add pastels into your watercolor, acrylic or oil color paintings.

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