Richeson Unison Premium Pastel Surfaces

Toothy- As a pastellist you want the surface to interact with the pastel. The coating has been specially prepared to create an excellent tooth that will withstand multiple layering. No matter if you are working with charcoal, semi-hard, soft or oil pastel this surface is very unique on the market today. It has a very pronounced tooth so your pastels simply come alive on the surface. When you're ready to apply the next layer you'll find that the suface grabs the pastel and this allows you to get great depth in your compositions.

Waterproof- Since the coating is waterproof you can apply water to soften the edges of the pastel without altering the surface. You can also scrub around the color with a rag or with any one of the many pastel blending products that we offer. Since it is waterproof you can freely apply inks, gouache and acrylics to your compositions for exploring a ride range of techniques.

Convenient- Individually coated on lightweight gator board in a full array of sizes. Small board products are fantastic for plein air painting while the larger sizes are excellent for use in the studio. Gator board creates a stiff board that is light in weight making it ideal for workshop artists who work large.

Selection of Colors- A wide variety of colors gives you an outstanding choice of backgrounds to select from. As with all new products we urge you to give these new surfaces a try. We feel that they are unique, well thought out and relatively inexpensive. 

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