Sennelier Artists' Oil Pastels and Sets

Sennelier Oil Pastels are made from the highest quality pigments, an extremely pure synthetic binding medium, and neutral pH mineral wax. The non-siccative nature of the binding medium ensures it will not oxidize and has no effect on film stability, while the mineral wax gives the pastels their creamy, buttery texture not unlike that of lipstick. The high pigment load in Sennelier Oil Pastels provides them with an opacity and covering power unrivalled in any other oil pastel, and the use of turpentine, mineral spirits, or the innovative Sennelier Transparent Blending Medium stick allows you to create washes and blend colors without sacrificing the hard edges and rich colors that are the crowning glory of oil pastels. In addition, almost all colors in the line (excluding metallic and fluorescent shades) are extremely lightfast, and the spectrum of colors itself is large and well-balanced. Based on a classic palette first recommended by Picasso (including a large array of grey shades that were his personal favorite) the color range was expanded based on the recommendations of contemporary artists across Europe and North America.

Sennelier Oil Pastels are available in 2 sizes for multiple applications: Standard size, which at around 2 9/16" long by 3/8" in diameter are already 20% larger than most regular size oil pastels, and the new large La Grande size – a whopping 5" long by 3/4" in diameter, the equivalent of 8 regular oil pastels and perfect for large scale work! The entire luminous 120-color range is available individually in both sizes, and the Standard size is also available in boxes of 5 pastels. Trusted and loved by masters like Picasso and Henri Goetz, these luscious pastels are tried and true, and will impress you with their quality and serve you well in all your artistic endeavors!

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